Hareside Primary School


Our governors play an important role in influencing and supporting the work of the school and we are grateful for the excellent contribution they make to our school community.

If you are interested in knowing more about the work of our governors or would like to know about future vacancies please get in touch.

Governor List

Name                       Capacity                                                                   Term of office

David Anderson       Chair of Governors          Local Authority                  10/07/15 – 10/07/19



Julia Mardling          Co-opted Governor                                                    15/07/17 – 14/07/21

Stephen Andrews    Parent Governor                                                        15/12/17 – 14/12/21

Alison Martin            Parent Governor                                                        10/01/14 – 09/01/18

Steven Rogers         Vice Chair / Co-opted                                                01/03/17 – 28/02/21

Michael Maddox      Parent Governor                                                         11/10/17 – 10/10/21

Amanda Wright       Co-opted Governor                                                     01/05/16 – 30/04/20

Lindsay Campbell   Parent Governor                                                          29/02/16 - 28/02/20

David Meenaghan   Co-opted Governor                                                     17/12/15 - 16/12/19

Jaqueline Mowat     Headteacher / Staff                                                      01/09/17 -

Helen Kerry            Teacher / Staff                                                              01/02/14 – 31/01/18

Bev Morris              Deputy Head / Staff                                                      02/11/06 – 30/11/18

Julia Dobson          Teaching Assistant / Staff                                             01/11/11 – 31/12/18

Steven Preston       Co-opted Governor                                                      10/05/17 - 09/05/21


Please see below for the register of Governor interests from February 2017


 14.11.2017 - Please note Helen Logan is our child protection and safe-guarding governor until 14th December when her term of office ends.  From 14.12.2017 Lindsay Campbell will take over in this role.




Please click here for a list of Governors attendance at meetings September 2017 to July 2018

Please click here for a list of Governors attendance at meetings September 2016 to July 2017 

Please click here for a list of Governors attendance at meetings up to July 2016


Finance Committee Membership

David Anderson

Steven Rogers

Amanda Wright

Steven Preston

Jacqueline Mowat

Yvette Arnold (advisory)


Staffing Committee Membership

David Anderson

Alison Martin

Julia Mardling

Michael Maddox

Jacqueline Mowat