Hareside Primary School


In our most recent Ofsted inspection of December 2017, our school was recognized as a "Good" school with an "Outstanding" Early years provision: 

"Children in early years make a flying start to their learning.  They make rapid progress to reach standards that are above average by the time they leave the Reception class.

""Outcomes for pupils are good.  Current pupils make strong progress from their individual starting points.

""The well planned and resourced curriculum ensures that pupils' enthusiasm for learning is fired.

"Pupils personal development and welfare, including their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding."

"The headteacher's implacable determination that all pupils will achieve their full potential is reflected in the high expectations teachers have for their pupils and that pupils have for themselves."

"The good leadership of the special educational needs coordinator has resulted in effective provision for these pupils, their needs are identified early and their good progress is tracked accurately."

"Governors share the passion and commitment of the headteacher and senior leaders."

"Leaders ensure a culture of safeguarding is embedded among all staff and they leave no stone unturned in their duty to keep pupils safe.  Safeguarding policies, procedures and records are of extremely high quality'"

"Pupils show a high level of respect and care for each other, valuing classmates opinions and working cooperatively in lessons."

"Pupils thrive in the well-ordered and positive school environment."

"Pupils report that they feel safe at all times, their knowledge of keeping themselves safe outside of school is outstanding."

"Pupils progress and attainment in key stage 2 have remained strong since the school was previously inspected, and have improved in key stage 1 and early years.."

"The experienced and highly skilled early years team, led exceptionally well by the early years leader, understands the learning needs of young children and shares the same passion and drive to see children thrive.  

Ofsted Dec 2017


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