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Geography at Hareside Primary School Geography Curriculum Intent We believe our pupils learn best through regularly experiencing the world around them through the lens of Geographers. A geographical perspective offers a uniquely powerful way of seeing the world. Our geography curriculum prepares children for life by developing practical skills such as map reading, aerial photography and digital mapping as well as fieldwork. We inspire children to love learning about our world both inside and outside the classroom, fostering a desire to continue learning beyond their school experience.

Through our approach to the teaching of Geography at Hareside Primary, we aim to develop proactive members of society. Children of the future who have an understanding of their responsibility to protect our planet and the world in which we live as well as a consideration that we leave our mark on the world in various ways such as consumption, development and conservation.

Children at Hareside will gain knowledge of their local area and the wider world whilst developing their geographical skills. We equip them with knowledge about places, people and their environment, developing and understanding of the interaction between physical and human processes that shape our landscape and surroundings. Our children will have respect for their local and wider environment and understand the threats and challenges faced to our planet.

Geography education can help show children how they contribute to building a better world and promote an understanding of the diversity of people and places that make up our planet. Through learning about local, national and international communities, we believe our children will develop a strong respect for diversity and culture. We encourage our children to be curious about the world around them and to ask questions. We bring Geography to life and make the most of what we have right on our doorstep!


Curriculum Outline

National Curriculum Programmes of Study:-

National Curriculum Geography Key Stages 1 to 2.

EYFS Curriculum:-

Geography in EYFS


In Nursery and Reception classes, Geography is taught as an integral part of topic work covered throughout the year. In the Early Years, Geography forms a key part of the curriculum strand ‘Understanding the World’. Opportunities are given to explore the world around them in the first instance, developing an awareness of their surroundings before developing their curiosity to the wider world. We link to the world beyond their own through other subjects and topics, such as exploring animals and weather in science, through RE we explore celebrations and cultures around the world, for example, Chinese New Year and Diwali and explore counties around the world through stories. Children are provided with the opportunity to explore maps, atlases and globes as well as creating their own maps related to their immediate environment and stories.






Key Stage 1 and 2
As children move through our school, teaching builds on previous learning and allows them to discuss and reason within the subjects with confidence. Pupils access a wide variety of high-quality written resources to develop their reading and geographical skills and spark their interest and enthusiasm for learning. Real life experiences beyond the classroom are offered in order to enhance learning, deepen understanding and embed learning. Children are provided with a Knowledge Organiser for each unit of work they undertake which outlines the key knowledge and vocabulary they are learning about.

At Key Stage 1, children develop their knowledge, skills and understanding to their own environment, the people who live there and the wider world through studies of contrasting locations; firstly within the UK and broadening this to an overseas comparison. Children develop an understanding of human and physical geography.






At Key Stage 2, Geography develops knowledge, skills and understanding relating to people, places and environments at different scales in the United Kingdom and overseas. Children gain an appreciation and understanding of how places relate to each other and the wider world through studying locations and natural phenomena in depth.






At Hareside Primary School the Geography subject lead monitors planning and assessments – evaluating medium term plans and taking note of annotations, amendments and suggestions made by class teachers. They ensure that the full curriculum is covered and that there are no gaps. Photographs of completed work and displays may be kept digitally by the subject lead as a portfolio, in order to monitor and support the raising of standards in Geography within the school. The subject lead takes responsibility for addressing any needs or concerns that arise as a result of this monitoring.

To monitor and evaluate Geography the Geography subject lead does the following:

  •  * Supports teachers via co-planning/CPD

     * Learning walks across the school.

     * Informal conversations with children about their learning in Geography

     * Book monitoring.

     * Reviews resource provision.

     * Works collaboratively with the Understanding the world team.


Geography and ICT

At Hareside Primary School ICT plays an integral part in the teaching and learning of
Geography; using our online resources Oddizzi and Digimap for schools to enhance learning. 


Useful Websites for Geography

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Map-spiration - Books related to Maps