Hareside Primary School


Training with Hareside

We believe that good teachers never stop learning and we are pleased to be an alliance member with:


Whitley Bay High School           


We use our Hareside experience to work with others to learn together and to support their professional development.

We are currently engaged in the following initiatives:

School to school support: We have staff skilled in supporting other schools. We currently have two Specialist Leaders in Education (SLE). Our headteacher has experience working to support other  schools. We also have other staff experienced in providing training and support. We believe Hareside is greatly enhanced by what we learn from those we work with and we enjoy working in partnership with others.

Teacher training: We work with a number of different organisations to provide places for students traiing to be teachers.

Apprentices: We currently have three teaching assistant apprentice posts.

Volunteers: We support and train a number of volunteers across the school. We greatly benefit from and appreciate their support. A number of volunteers have used the training and experienced gained to go on to secure employement in schools or to gain or qualifications.


If you are interested in any aspect of this please contact the school.